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Sarah Muntz

Name: Sarah Muntz


Sexual orientation: Straight


Class:Middle class

Physical Description:rosey red lips,red hair,bushy brows, no real style of clothing,long lashes,

Freckles,130lb,6ft 1in,sometimes wears glasses,blue eyes,6 circles under eyes,slim.

Quirks:Always carries her wand/brush and paint kit everywhere,Beliefs that gnomes are alive,is scared of gnomes,believes in the paranormal,studies the paranormal and supernatural,Constantly taps feet on ground.

Morality:Wants to do right with friends,Is easily trusting,doesnt want to be in the spotlight,cares about friends, is giving,does not trust anyone who is prejudice.

Personality Strengths:Is welcoming, providing a warm and friendly environment for guests or strangers.Has understanding, the ability to think about and use concepts to deal adequately with an object.Has Beauty,the qualities that give pleasure to the senses.Has determination, the quality of being driven to do or achieve something; firmness of purpose.Weaknesses:Is obsessive, a particular action or thing occupies one’s thoughts constantly and exclusively; worrying compulsively about something or things generally.Has a quality of hastiness, to do things or act in a hurry because of impetuosity or lack of time. Can be Conceited , a high opinion of your own qualities or abilities, especially one that is not justified. Is a bit short sighted, doing or determining without taking the future into account.

Skills:Knows magic,Can perform spells, Has an art talent,Is good at Swimming.

Education: Wizarding school for the talented,Special School for Perks,Swimming lessons,Wizard and Undead Necromancy School for the Talented, Speaks the Universal language, Yiorn, Viunt and Ligens.

Likes:Likes to take the long road and look at the scenic views wherever she goes,Likes undead,Likes Zombies,Likes Magic,Likes Art,Likes to eat different foods,Cookies,More Cookies,Likes to talk,Likes to help friends.

Dislikes:Ghost,Wizards,Normies,Tigers,Yellow turtles,Giant Guy Beetles.

Backstory:Sarah Muntz was born on 7,31,5,XXI, By a loving mother and father. Her father was Alejandro The Great and her mother was a Local Healer.Sarah had 3 older sisters, Marret,Gala,and Holly. When Sarah was 5, Sarah was old enough to start learning magic. Sarah was being taught how to do basic spells like making doodles come to life or scrolling through a book without touching it.Sarah liked drawing so she would often Make doodles come to life, When Sarah was 7 she was old enough to go to the Wizard school in her local neighborhood.Sarah learned a lot of skills in the first year of School,She learned Beginners Necromancy,Fire Magic,Ice Magic,And longer living Doodles.Since she was Alejandro’s kid the teachers held her on a higher standard than the rest of the kids.Sarah excelled in all subjects of Wizarding for the next couple years.Sarah had become 10 when she got her first Wand,Sarah had gotten some of the best grades in the school, but at home Her sisters always were one step ahead of her, Getting all A+’s instead of A’s. So her sisters would tease her for being the dumb one. Her father was still supportive of her however and told her to keep trying, but he will still love her anyway.At this time Alejandro had to go out on an expedition for a couple years. Sarah had asked her mother to teach her how to heal like she does, so her mother taught her a beginner skill every day.At this time Sarah had gone to the 2 year Necromacy Program for the gifted. Sarah was not a social butterfly but still had friends there. Sarah’s oldest sister Had graduated and had went on an adventure of her own. Sarah learned a skill to Make living creatures out of  her paintings in the school. Sarah also learned how to raise animals from the grave into Undead servants.Sarah’s mother decided to move midway in the 2 year program. Sarah did not exactly know why but she was okay with the decision.At this time Sarah was 13 she had transferred schools to the Special school for Perks. Sarah's two older sisters had graduated and went to the surface to do good for the people there.Sarah did not have a perk but had magic.Her mother told her to not tell them that she knew magic, at this time Sarah was a bit confused because her mother and father never were quiet about magic.Sarah had respected her mother’s wishes so when she went she told them she had the ability of necromancy.She then was accepted into the school, little did she know that many people had a stigma towards Necromancers.Must believed that it was impure and needed to be taken out of the school.Sarah had then overheard the kids whilst she was walking out of class, that wizards were being sent out of the country because of their violent nature.Sarah got mad about most people’s prejudice. When she had gotten home she asked her mother what the kids were talking about.She had learned that her sisters who had left to go out on their own adventures, and her father had been forbidden from entering the country because they are wizards. Wizard Alnal Bicarido had done a terrible act he had killed 200 citizens before being put down.Sarah did not understand why all wizards that immigrated to the country were being treated the same because a few bad apples had done terrible things.Sarah promised that she would change the worlds views about wizards, and to get her family back.Sarah had made 5 friends with people she considered highly because they never discriminated against wizards.These 5 were Meg, Alexis a girl from out of town, Adam, Chloe, and Tommy. Sarah had developed a crush on a guy named Ryan, though he never really noticed her. Sarah had now taken classes about the SUPERNATURAL she is not sure exactly why they always emphasize the word whenever they are in that class, but that was not that important to her.Sarah had learned about many myths and legends, an interesting one to her was the Pickle God, if you eat a lucky pickle you become a pickle god. By this time Sarah had become 16 Sarah had become a very powerful Wizardess. She could control animals, make powerful spells, and make cookies out of thin air.Sarah was at home working on a potion to cure the common cold when, Alexis had yelled for Sarah, Sarah freaked out and hid everything she could before rushing outside of her room and closing the door. “Yes?” she said, Alexis responded with “Is everything okay up there?” “Yes, yes, so what did you need?”Alexis then showed her the Jugawand. “Oh my stars, this is what I think it is isn’t it.” Alexis stood there confused.Sarah then said, “I thought all myths were phony like bighoof, or the lock-vest monster.”Alexis said,”okay you lost me, please give me it in layman's terms.” “This is the Jugawand!” Sarah had started to explain its immense power and seemed to have lost Alexis somewhere in her speech.Alexis and Sarah had then been startled by Meg who looked like she just ran a marathon.”Oh hey Meg!” ”Are you okay?” Sarah had asked.”Yes i am fine” Meg had replied Sarah said,“Well this is my friend alexis. She is from out of town.” Meg then said hurriedly,”right now that's great and all, but we have a greater problem right now.” Meg had explained that there was an organism that was turning animals to monsters and that since she is one of the most talented she was chosen to help.”Oh no, this might explain why the Jugawand turned on.” Sarah knew that she was more powerful than she showed them, but her family was on the surface. Sarah had to go! Sarah had many questions to be answered, Is her family on the surface okay? Am I strong enough to fight yet? She had no idea of what was coming.

Relationships:Has Crush on Ryan. Is friends with, Meg, Alexis,Adam, and Tommy.Dislikes most of the prejudice people.


Weaknesses: Has to say a poem every time she cast a spell.Cannot move whilst casting spell.Has a limited number of spells that can be cast everyday.

Cannot use weapons or they absorb some of her magical ability.

Goals:To bring a good name to Wizards, and the Wizardess. To help fight the plague.

A small update
What the comic says:Apocalypse,Apocalypse!Why did you draw this, but also what about your character biographies?
Me:oh yeah that, I will still be drawing my character bio's however I have come to a decision that I will be taking more time making bio's so that the characters can be better written.
Random dude:Sir the people should also know about what other things you might be doing!
Me:Yeah I will be working on other comics as well.
Meg Nuveal

Name:Meg (Meghan)Nuveal


Sexual Orientation:straight


Class:middle class

Physical Description: (Naturally brown hair) hair color tends to change from time to time,light brown eyes,lip piercing,tomboyish clothing,eyeliner,5 feet 7 inches, 115 pounds, black nail polish,Powerful symbols on her eyelid and arm from Jiun in the northern part of Fiere common characteristics has pointed nose and smaller eyes.

Quirks:easily aggressive, cant let go of things that happened in the past, cannot talk very well when being the center of attention.

Morality:Meg would jump in a fight to help someone.

Personality:shy,fun,not easily open,reliable,trusting.

Skills:Meg can use a variety of instruments,writing,ability to hear very well,Meg can swim.

Education:Meg Knows two languages,Universal and homeland language,Is good in mathematics,Fighting.

Likes:Rock music,friends,her guitar,writing,peace,not having to be in the spotlight.

Dislikes:Being alone,being without her instruments,pink,people talking about her hair colors,being betrayed.

Backstory:Meghan Nuveal was born on may.Meg grown up middle class.When Meg was 8 she had went outside and fallen, she gotten two strange marks on her body.Meg had been able to speak before this,but once she got these marks she could not speak. Meg had not understood why she had not been able to talk. Doctors had not been able to understand why she was not able to speak so they made an excuse that she had burned out her larynx. 1 year later Meg had looked in the mirror and sighed, she had gotten her voice back, but at a cost. Meg could speak but she had discovered when she whispered it was very loud and hurt her ears. Meg had decided to try not to talk. Meg had already gotten used to not speaking so she just decided to be quiet.a couple days later out of random Meg had gotten an itch on her nose, she felt like sneezing and then remembered what happened before.She ran outside so she did not sneeze inside and break the glass.She sneezed and it broke the glass on the outside of the house.Meg had realized what had happened and she was frightened and did not know what was going to happen to her.She looked back at the house and saw it was a mess.Meg parents ran out and Meg started to apologize when her father told her that there is no reason to be alarmed.Her father explained that they thought that she was never going to get her perk since she was so old.Meg had then went from sad to confused.Her father explained that the jiuni all are born with special perks which is why she was the way she was.Meg had not known about this until now she asked why they never had told her.Her mother said because they did not want her to feel not normal.Meg’s parents told Meg that her perk is very unstable so she was going to a new school.Meg went to school for unstable perks.Meg had started to learn how to control her voice with her teacher, but she had no class mates since her parents wanted her to have 1 on 1 teaching so she does not get distracted. Whilst she was there she learned how to use different instruments so she can learn to control sound. 4 years later Meg had transferred to a public school for children with perks.Meg had not felt comfortable transferring but she told her parents that she would be fine.Meg had not spoken at all that day until a girl walked over to her, this girl’s name was Sarah. Sarah had asked if she could sit next to Meg. Meg had nodded yes and begun to get nervous. Sarah had asked Meg for her name.”it’s Meg”. Sarah had told Meg her name.Meg had asked her why she wanted to sit next to her. Sarah said,”because we are classmates, so why don’t we be friends?”Meg had never had friends before.Meg did not have many social skills so the other kids started to ignore her but she was okay with that because she was used to not having others around.For 3 more years Meg has harnessed her skills and had no real problems.Meg had more 2 friends at the time not including Sarah. A girl named Chloe and a guy named Adam.For several months the group had gotten closer. Meg had started hanging with Adam considering him as more than a friend. Sarah, and Chloe were her best friends.Alexis had talked to Meg about a club that she was in, Meg had wanted to see it for herself so she went with her.Meg had walked into the room and noticed the door slammed behind her. “What is this?” Meg had said. Chloe then said “You were selected for Project Root.” Meg then told Chloe,“what is that?” Chloe then told her that the some of the strongest people in the world have died within a few weeks from each other.Meg was confused, who could defeat the strongest people she asked ? Chloe said there is an organism that is changing the animals on the surface into monsters.Chloe then said,”We are now some of the strongest people alive so us students will have to go down there and solve this problem or the world as we know it is doomed”.”Adam has figured out that in only a couple months they should be knocking at the door”.Meg then said “okay,what are we going to do!”Chloe said,”we have to stop them before they get here.” Chloe said,”go get Sarah and pick up others, tell her the situation.”Meg ran to Sarah’s house.Meg walked into the house and ran up to Sarah’s room. Meg had saw that Sarah was talking to someone.”Oh hey Meg!”Sarah had said. “This is my friend Alexis.”Meg said hello and explained the situation. Sarah said,”oh no,this might be why the Jugawand had turned on”.Meg had many questions to be answered, Do they even have a chance in winning? Can this Jugawand Solve their problems?

Meg had no idea what what was coming next.

Relationships:Interested in Adam,Friends with Sarah,and Chloe.

Powers:Resonance,the ability to control sound.

Goals:To help save the world,to become a musician.
Alexis Devoor

Name:Alexis Devoor


Sexual Orientation:Straight

Age: Alexis is in her later teens,her birthday is in April,

Class: Upper class she is a hardworking upper class citizen.

Description: Alexis is a female that usually wears striped collared shirts,designed shirts,skirts, and pants. Alexis has 4 square marks on her face meaning her age, status, and expectations in society.Alexis is attractive to many men,her height is 5 feet 6 inches. She weighs 129 lbs around average for her age. She has a scar on her forehead that she got as a child.Alexis lives in the city of Dono.

Quirks:She has a knack for collecting various items she finds lying around.She can turn her head 180 degrees.Has a soft spot for anything that looks cute.Sometimes is dense. Collects bubble wands.

Morality:Alexis believes everything happens for a purpose, good and bad things but if she can help she would,Alexis will jump to help anyone that had a similar situation to what she had..

Personality: Alexis is a kind and friendly person,hardworking,but she knows when to have fun,Alexis cares very much about her work,Alexis is an extrovert and is not scared to speak her opinion. Alexis cares about plants,animals, and the well being of nature most because she feels that without nature her animals and her would not be there.

Skills: She can work with animals very easily. Talks very fast, calm, and clear.Alexis knows her plants so she knows what is poisonous and not poisonous.

Education:Alexis has a bronze tier education since Alexis can only speak the universal language.

Likes:Alexis likes most animals,games,adventure,running,history,playing music,and dressing up in costumes.

Dislikes:Pollution,Desecration of sacred items,killing for sport,the idea of death and or killing anything,insects,treating animals bad,and loud noises such as thunder.

Background:Alexis was born in Dono, Feire. Alexis grew up working with animals,her parents did not tolerate any fun since they care about survival more than childish nonsense. They were a poor family and did not have much more funds to spare so they would get her soap,clothes and a bubble wand.Her favorite pastime was playing with bubbles when she was 7 she did not know that she had to sell her animals that she loved,but it was a family business so they wanted to start her off at a young age,she tried to plead with her parents but they said if they do not sell their animals they will not have money for food.Alexis tried to tell her parents that she would work hard, but her father yelled at her and frightened her. Alexis sold most of her animals to a man that gave her 20 silver pieces , which is not that much. Disappointed by having to sell her goat she decided to never sell one of her animals again.Alexis did not tell her parents however, but soon they figured out what Alexis was doing.Alexis was then told if she does not sell them she will have to live somewhere else.Alexis did not want to sell them so she was thrown out by her father, whilst her mother said ,”don’t come back”.Alexis had been disowned. Alexis only had the clothes she wore so she did not have much or know where to go, so she hid in the farm. Alexis lived in the barn and was forced to work to keep her, and her animals alive. Alexis had learned that 1 job did not pay enough to keep her animals and her alive, so when she payed for the animals food she did not have anything to eat. After that Alexis worked many jobs but got fired from many of them because she did not like people telling her what to do, because it always reminded her of what she had to do. Alexis worked hard enough to feed the animals to keep them. By the age of 13 Alexis had got a bit more mature and started to enjoy working hard because it shows she was better then her parents.Alexis had started to collect bubble wands that she found lying around since that was her favorite pastime.Alexis had got an invitation to work as a gardener for high pay.A gardener farms magical plants which grows magical items. Alexis accepted the request and got working right away. Alexis worked for a man she knew by S. Devoor, who was a rich man,he was a nice man which she saw as a father figure. Devoor taught her all kinds of things about her job, how to sell her plants, how to plant the seeds, etc… when that was said and done she had told Devoor about her predicament . He decided to adopt Alexis. Devoor gave Alexis a new place to live, since she was the one of the best workers at her age and his daughter. Devoor had explained that he had a similar experience to Alexis, which made her look up to him as a guide to what she should do when she is older.she worked for a couple years until Devoor had become ill.Alexis rushed to see if he was okay. Alexis felt broken as the doctor explained that this disease had a 1 in 60 chance of living. Alexis sat beside him and felt more of a connection to him then her parents.He was grateful for Alexis’s service as the longest working employee he had, so he gave her a gift that he thought was a collector's item she gladly accepted as it would suit her collection. Devoor told her to always look on the bright side of things so Alexis took this to heart.Alexis promised to visit him everyday from then on. Alexis had become of age to receive her position in society, because of her hard work starting from a young age and her farm along with her gardening, she had gotten 4 squares which is not the best but is very good, she would now receive 2 times as much as a male 1 rank below her, and 1.3 times as much as a male in her position.Alexis would have not gotten this position if it had not been for her father Devoor who has passed at this time, so she goes back to her home and decides to take a look at the gift he had given her, she started to mess around with it and pressed a button on accident ,It glew and stopped, the gift looked like a bubble wand for children, she was confused at this stick, now bubble wand had transformed in front of her eyes. She got some water and soap and she tried to blow a bubble and a bubble grew and keep growing until she could no longer make it any bigger. She saw that it was on her bed and engulfed it but did not pop the bubble! she was very confused and scared now and wanted to know what was going on so she went to her friend Sarah, who knew a lot about the supernatural because she is kind of weird, Alexis had told Sarah of her predicament. Sarah had told Alexis that she had found the Jugawand. Sarah had explained that there was a myth that  the ancients had told of a shield carrying the whole world to the heavens, which is why Fiere is the floating sub continent, and might also explain why Fiere is the most advanced  nation when it comes to flight.Alexis had not fully grasped the situation at hand, she had heard of the story whilst she was a kid studying but had never thought her gift was one of the ancient artifacts, that had chosen her as its owner. The Jugawand only becomes functional when the world faces a great danger!Alexis what is gonna happen, is she the only one with these artifacts?Alexis would soon find out.

Powers:Ability to create very strong bubbles, control them and manipulate them.

weakness:dry, hot places cannot create bubbles in these environment.

Goals:to enjoy life to its fullest. To always work hard and have fun.~
Drawings of some male characters
This picture contains some of my male characters that I have made,Tommy,Richy (Richard),Adam,and Mason. one on one character bio's  for each character, including the female characters,will come out in a later date.


No journal entries yet.


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